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Guide to Jersey - the English Channel Islands you virtual tour of Jersey CI.

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Gorey Bay, the beach
Gorey Bay, the beach "The beach of Grouville to the south of Gorey is long, lovely and sandy and has a good range of water-sports, such as water skiing, banana boats and canoeing. Swimming is safe here, but the tide goes out a long way..."
Saint Helier shopping
Saint Helier shopping "Many of the streets are pedestrianised and there are squares to rest in, if you've shopped 'til you've dropped..."
St Catherines Bay
St Catherines Bay "It seems to be an area more suited to boating than swimming, since the sand is quite wet and muddy with many pebbly areas. Plenty of people were enjoying the fishing here and there is a cafe at the end of the headland..."
Saint Helier, Liberation Square
Saint Helier, Liberation Square "Liberation Square, featuring the statue of islanders holding a British flag aloft. The square is often packed with tourists, and the Tourist Information Office is housed here in the old terminus building of the Jersey Railway..."
Green Island
Green Island "The island has a great public notice, which warns you that you may be cut off when the tide comes in. It gives advice in this eventuality: 'wait for low tide'! You've got to laugh..."

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Photograph of seaside cottages - Jersey, CI

Towns, Villages, Shopping, Scenery and Beautiful Beaches

Jersey is home to cows, tomatoes, tax escapees and mild, sunny weather. On our trip, we discovered it is also home to bustling seaside towns (such as Gorey and St Aubins), tiny fishing villages (try Rozel Bay), spectacular coastal views (Sorel Point, St Clements Bay, La Corbiere and Petit Port), great shopping (St Helier) but above all, stunningly beautiful beaches.

Jersey, The Channel Islands, the coast.


If you like your beaches all singing and dancing, with numerous fast-food outlets, funfairs, night clubs and water parks, then this probably won't be the holiday for you. Jersey beaches have a somewhat slower pace of life and mainly rely on Mother Nature to provide. There are plenty to choose from and all have a different character and beauty of their own.

For instance, the biggest and most popular are St Brelades, Grouville beach at Gorey and Greve de Lecq. These all have cafes, toilets and car parks. Some have other shops, bars, hotels and restaurants too.

Other smaller beaches, which have car parking and a beach café, or other eatery with a good reputation, include the lovely beach at Archirondel, the popular harbour at the bottom of the cliffs at Bonne Nuit, the restaurant at Green Island, or the great pub at Ouaisne Bay.

The most beautiful beaches on the island (in our view) have no facilities at all but are completely gorgeous. These are Portelet and Beauport.

Surf or Sunbathe?

Virtually every beach we visited would be ideal for families with young children. They are mostly sandy beaches with great rock pools at the edges. Perfect for a proper old-fashioned British seaside holiday! The only exceptions to this are the pebbly beach at Bouley Bay, which has a diving centre, and St Catherines Bay, which is more geared up for canoeing and fishing, than buckets and spades. St Ouens is sandy and vast, but doesn't have the rock pools – this is serious young people's territory, so watch you don't get mown down by a sand yacht or surfboard.

Channel Islands - Jersey

What to do?

Other beach activities include jet skiing at St Aubins, surfing, sand-yachting and kite flying at windy St Ouens Bay (which also has a beach club/bar if your teenagers want to PARTY), body boarding and surfing at St Brelades Bay, diving at Bouley Bay, fishing and canoeing almost everywhere! You can watch the horse racing at Les Landes, La Greve au Lancon or, when the weather is inclement, visit the fabulous indoor water park and multi-screen cinema at St Helier, near the Elizabeth Marina and Albert Harbour developments.

Walking in the Channel Islands

We didn't have time to check out the fabulous walking on the island, but spoke to plenty of visitors who were enjoying its peaceful, pastoral scenery and finding out about its history. We visited the War Tunnels on our only wet day: an unforgettable experience, where you can learn about how all sides coped during Jersey's Occupation.

On a lighter note, the famous Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust at Jersey Zoo was a brilliant day out and is well recommended. (We adored the gorillas.)

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