Saint Helier, Liberation Square

Saint Helier, Liberation Square, Channel Islands Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Channel Islands: Saint Helier, Liberation Square.
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Saint Helier, Jersey. Liberation Square, featuring the statue of islanders holding a British flag aloft.

The square is often packed with tourists, and the Tourist Information Office is housed here in the old terminus building of the Jersey Railway.

St Helier's name comes from an early Christian settler, who apparently became paralysed as a young boy. His pagan parents sent him to a local Christian missionary, who not only cured him, but turned him into a Christian. The family were so furious at this slight to their religious inclinations, that they had the missionary killed. Young Helier was not impressed with their lack of gratitude to his beneficiary, so ran away from home, to eventually settle in Jersey. Here, the locals credited him with keeping away the French pirates by the force of his prayers. Unfortunately, one day in A.D. 555, the Norman pirates invaded. The locals all fled, except for our friend Helier, so the French cut his head off.

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Map of Channel Islands showing the location of Saint Helier, Liberation Square at Latitude 49.18289 / Longitude -2.10914.
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